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Bankers and site visits: Environmental issues


Investment managers are usually the first point of contact for clients. They more or less frequently visit the client to discuss financial, technical or legal issues. At the same time financial institutions increasingly have environmental and or social requirements towards their clients which need to be part of the due diligence and adequately discussed with the clients.

This course explains what investment managers as non-experts could actually look for on the environmental side when making a client visit. As is the case for “good housekeeping” a good common sense as well as some proven practices are key to this exerise.

It is more than looking for stacks with black fume but still it is not complicated if you learn from the cases provided in this training. This course covers environmental issues related to the production (waste water, waste management, air pollution, soil pollution, noise) as well as issues outside the factory gates (biodiversity, environmental community impacts) and gives good advice on what is really important and what would be a nice to have.

In particular, the course looks into the aspect of how clients should manage the related aspects and how to identify whether or not this is being done or just lip service (objectively verifiable monitoring information).

It systematically explains what to do for preparation and during the site visit and contains many case studies to learn from.