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Stakeholder Engagement

About This Course

Are you managing your multiple stakeholders systematically? Hopefully yes. If not adequately involved, stakeholders can withdraw their support or even endanger the success of your project. As a matter of fact, stakeholders have the power to impede or promote a project.

Companies and institutions can demonstrate their responsible engagement through proper stakeholder engagement and assure that neighbouring communities “grant the social license to operate”.

While stakeholders need to be involved in many subjects or issues, the present course focuses on environmental and social issues.

Target Group

The course is specifically designed for

  1. investment managers in financial institutions involved in projects that may have considerable stakeholder challenges.
  2. staff of corporates, project developers or projects that may have significant stakeholder challenges and that may take a loan from a financial institution with strong expectations about the social project’s social performance.
  3. experts from organisations dealing with stakeholder engagements in one way or the other. This is not only limited to E&S experts.